About Us

“Heart Marks grew from my own hard lessons in life of loss and healing, which inspired me to help others going through their hardest time in need by sharing the healing power of art.”

Through my recent healing process I learned how art offers the freedom to express emotions that are sometimes hard to share and verbalize, and the need to escape from the well intentioned people who feel bad for you and say things like “It’ll be ok, things will get better” and be with people who have “been there” and say things like “I know this is difficult, it’s ok to be upset, I am here for you”.

In 2013 I was inspired with an idea, others saw my vision and wanted to help and soon the stars aligned. I teamed up with experts, artists, therapists, teachers, and volunteers and by January 2014 our new organization, we named “Heart Marks Art Therapy” was born. Named in honor of my amazingly talented late best friend Mark, his art and desire to help others struggling will live on through our work in this organization.

We provide FREE onsite group art therapy programs to those in need, to all ages and art abilities, with groups, contests, events and more. Our focus has started with abused women and homeless shelters, Wounded Warrior/PTSD, addiction recovery, depression and suicide attempt survivors and grief & loss support groups but we are available to any group that feels this type of alternative therapy can benefit them.

If you would like to support us, we would love for you to “like” and share our Facebook and Twitter page, tell your friends, family, neighbors, school counselors, hair dressers, ANYBODY that could benefit from this type of therapy, you never know who might be silently hurting inside!

Click on our “JOIN US” page, We can never have enough experts, volunteers, ideas and advice. We are always accepting financial and art supply donations, and we offer an exciting company sponsor rewards package! Also, If you are an organization or support group that would like to work with us, please contact us with any questions you may have on the contact page or on Facebook. We look forward to working with you.

Jessica Payne


Program Director

~In honor and in loving memory of my angels that inspired me ♥