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WOW, the 2015 calendar is really filling up fast, many exciting events and groups are being planned! To pull this off, we need to grow “Team Heart Marks”! We are looking for VOLUNTEERS! Volunteering is not only good for your soul, but it looks great on your resume too!! Teens and College Interns encouraged to apply as well. Get your community service hours and have fun doing it!


Loudoun creative therapy

Be a part of the Heart Mark Art Therapy mission and help change lives and heal hearts through the healing power of art. Consider donating funds, supplies, venues, raffle/auction event items, or volunteering your time. You can also help by spreading the word of our services, connecting referrals and company sponsors and grants opportunities.

We specifically need a few more therapist! Art therapists and addiction recovery and PTSD specialist are especially helpful. We are always looking for people to help with Marketing, Fundraising, event planning, networking/events, event helpers, administrative data entry, etc. Those who have personal experience in grief, addiction, abuse, PTSD, and have a story to share with a specific group or just a compassionate ear to lend, we encourage you to volunteer too!

Volunteers that have a degree or certification in a specific field that would like to contribute with advice and knowledge but aren’t able to contribute physical hours may join our “Advisory Board”. If you can help in any of these departments or if you know anybody that may be interested in volunteering, please send them our way.

Thanks to awesome donors we are set on glue, erasers, acrylic paints and pencils. We have several groups being planned and are in desperate need of a few more supplies. A painting class is being planned to enjoy all this wonderful paint. However, we need canvases, paint brushes, and easels to make it possible. All sizes and types welcomed. We can never have enough crayons! Specifically, Crayola Multicultural crayons, paints and markers are hard to find and used in our mask project and other projects and are always appreciated.

If you have any of these things laying around or would like to purchase these items to donate, please contact us and we can arrange to pick them up. If you would like to donate funds for these supplies and our other expenses, you may donate directly in person to a team member (Please make checks out to “Heart Marks Art Therapy, Inc.) or mail to our address: Contact Us. Thank You for all your support through our first year, looking forward to 2015!

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